Welcome Southland

Objective: To increase the number of international students studying in Southland.

Growing Southland’s population by 1000 people a year can only be achieved by increasing the number of people moving to Southland. This action team is investigating the possibilities for Southland to increase the number of international students who are studying here, including recruitment opportunities. The team’s work is also exploring the impact that expanding student numbers would have on job opportunities and population growth. A key component will be assisting with the pathway into employment and assisting with settling and becoming a part of the community.

Key Outcome: More international students come to Southland to study with a higher proportion settling after graduation which contributes to the goal of 10,000 more people by 2025.

Team Leader

Penny Simmonds

Penny Simmonds

Chief Executive, Southern Institute of Technology

Team Members

  • Jenny Elder, James Hargest College
  • Chami Abeysinghe, SIT
  • Mike Mika, Preston Russell Law
  • Paul Casson, Venture Southland
  • Anne Hanning, Immigration Consultant
  • Ian Pottinger, Invercargill City Council