New Industries

Objective: To develop new industries in Southland.

This action team is exploring opportunities to develop new industries in Southland and for existing small industries such as aquaculture and manufacturing to realise their future potential.

It’s also investigating opportunities to develop Southland’s natural resources, as well as the possibilities for innovative seeding industries such as research-based activities.

The action team is also assessing the impact of any proposed initiatives on employment and population growth.

Key Outcome: Southland has more contemporary and diverse businesses and the wellbeing of the regional economy is less tied to commodity cycles.

Team Leader

Mark O’Connor

Mark O’Connor

Chief Executive, South Port

Team Members

  • Jason Franklin, PowerNet
  • Tommy Foggo, Sanford
  • Murray Brown, Alliance Group
  • Peter Heenan, HW Richardson Group
  • Rex Chapman, Cruickshank Pryde
  • Robin Campbell, Venture Southland
  • Thomas Hildebrand, Ngai Tahu
  • Ian Pottinger, Invercargill City Council
  • Mark Bain, McCulloch & Partners
  • Ken Swinney, Environment Southland