Business Extension

Objective: To harness the potential for existing businesses in the primary sector to grow sustainably and increase productivity and performance.

This action team is exploring how to get the best out of Southland’s existing businesses. This includes investigating the growth potential in dairy, sheep and beef, cropping and forestry—and these industries’ downstream derivatives. The team is also examining how extending these industries would impact on Southland’s population, as well as identifying processes that would support their growth.

Another part of this work Is examining how to attract young Southlanders into a career in the primary sector as this would have a positive impact on population growth.

Key Outcome: Southland’s traditional industries increase their productivity and performance and there is better recognition of the complementary nature of sustainability and growth.

Team Leader

Peter Gow

Peter Gow


Team Members

  • Vaughan Templeton
  • Peter Baker
  • Dave Dodunski
  • Anna Kempthorne
  • Davie Bellmore
  • Robert Auld
  • Paul Baleares
  • Iain MacDonald
  • Andrew Morrison
  • Jazz Hewitson
  • Roseanne Allan
  • Brendan Hamilton
  • Eric Roy
  • Graham Cooney
  • Simon Bardon
  • Lloyd McCallum